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  • Re: Fully Loaded Vespa GTS300 - rust repairs required

    How much do you want for it ?, why has it sat for so long ?, got some pics of it ?
    Posted to Sell Your Scooter (Forum) by bradr on 04-26-2019
  • Re: GTS300 Rust!!

    Thats pretty typical in the UK with all vehicles , dosen't seem to be as bad in other semi frozen parts of Europe or Canada though , do they use a better method on their roads perhaps ?, ya really couldn't believe an owner just watching the metal maggots eating their pride n joy away right before their eyes hey
  • Re: GTS300 Rust!!

    We don't tend to see much rust on the GTS's in Australia , but i guess if you live very close to sea spray etc it will happen , it never ceases to amaze me though as to how much trouble the Poms have with rust in them , facebook --"Vespa GTS owners forum", its not unusual for them to have the battery actually fall right through ...
  • Re: Scooter Accident -- Advice Appreciated

    Well , i'm in NSW , what i would have done is to call police & have them attend the scene , i pressume your traffic rules are same as ours in that you don't require police presense if there are no injuries/drink driving or failure to provide driver details , but you did have an injury , hopefully that knee & elbow are only bruised ...
  • Re: Sold my GTS250

    Sadly $3500 is probably about the right money , i notice the have a very nice 06 Vintage Red 250 @$3490, i thought the Vintage Red's would have pulled a little more being that they are so rare , think it was only a handfull of 07 GTS's in that colour , ah well ya got rid of it thats all that matters , , have you got a ...
  • Re: Hunter Custom Scooter

    One would think they should be popular enough , i mean there's no bodywork to need polishing /get broken during a spill etc , hmm luggage storage might an issue to some i suppose
  • Re: Stuff everything--- lets ride

    Hmm yeh , just realised that valuable riding time will be consumed by having to go put pen to paper @ the polling booth grr, maybe they could do something useful & all stand in the middle of the roads & us riders could use them as cones & ride around them , nah come to think of it they'd probably decide to lay down on the road just ...
    Posted to Club and Ride Events (Forum) by bradr on 06-28-2016
  • Re: Is it Customer Service to "Service" the Customer? Royal Enfield Ride Day grizzle

    [quote user="pyrah"]Yep if you have an australian approved helmet and a full motorcycle licence that should be enough . All the other gear may be desirable but not required by law .  [/quote]    You'll find that it will be part of the list of requirements required by their insurance company in order to provide ...
  • Re: shocking

    And rightly so Mike , for a modern Vespa it would have been to noisy , they are supposed to be quiet/gracefull achievers mate
  • Re: Vietnamese and Vespa

    [quote user="Rod Fountain"]Lots of Mercedes were made in Africa and they didnt have elephant hide seat covers --I know that the coil spings they used came from good old OZ[/quote] lol  don't ever buy a Benz that was made in Mexico when Chyrsler were part owners with Daimer Benz ( around 02 to 06) , they had horrible electrical ...
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