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  • Re: Scooter Sales increase by 12.4%

    I reckon if you included Kymco you'd see an even bigger bump.  The proliferation of meal delivery apps has put a lot more riders on the road and I'd say about half the ones I see are on a Kymco Agility. It's easy for the older brands to be dismissive of the Deliveroo/Uber riders, but the way I see it we've got a huge cohort ...
  • Re: Delete profile

    I don't think you can, but you could go to "Edit Profile" and delete any personal info. Looks like the only way to get rid of your old posts is to go through and edit them one at a time. Maybe try PM'ing Allen and see if he can help.  I think he's still in charge here although the site hasn't been very active ...
  • Re: honda ctx700d vs. nc700 vs. dn-01

    Yeah, it is pretty different to the Tricity, but more importantly both are different in some way to the average bike or scooter.  I love any kind of new and unusual gadgets so my shortlist tends to be more a wide circle around the edges of the mainstream than a tight cluster of similar models. On the topic of oddball autos, I just spotted an ...
  • 2012 Honda PCX150 - SOLD!

    Hi all, I've just bought a new bike so I'm looking to sell the PCX. Rego expires this month so I'll be doing that and then update with new price depending on how much I have to spend. Located in Sydney Inner West.  20,000 km on the clock.  Runs well, serviced regularly and always parked underground or with a bike ...
    Posted to Sell Your Scooter (Forum) by eviladrian on 09-17-2018
  • Re: honda ctx700d vs. nc700 vs. dn-01

    After all my complaining about not being able to find a CTX, I spotted one on Bikesales a couple of weeks ago and bought it the next day! Dealer was in QLD so it took a while to get it trucked down to Sydney and re-registered for NSW, but now I'm ready to ride! I've only done a short ride to the mechanic and back for the rego ...
  • Re: honda ctx700d vs. nc700 vs. dn-01

    Good luck finding a CTX700D, I've only seen 1 show up on Bikesales this year and it was gone within a couple of days. There are always a couple of DN-01s on sale and they aren't too expensive, but it's a 10 year-old bike and the only thing to ever use that engine and transmission, so it could go bad if something breaks. The Integra ...
  • Re: Daelim S1 125

    I remember having similar problems on my S1 many years ago.  I never did get to the bottom of it, so I'm glad to hear you found a solution!
  • Re: Sydney Motorcycle &Scooter Show Darling Harbour

    To be honest, a big part of it is the novelty value.  This would be my third scooter and I don't just want the same thing but with a bigger motor. I like stuff that's a bit different from the mainstream, like the PCX with its idle-stop and instant starting system.  If Honda still sold the dual-clutch NC700/CTX700 bikes I'd ...
  • Re: Sydney Motorcycle &Scooter Show Darling Harbour

    Here's me on Saturday: Very impressed with the Tricity, it's currently at the top of my shortlist.  I just wish they'd had some of the other models available for rides as well.  
  • Re: the new 50

    [quote user="eviladrian"] Where it gets really interesting is that the brushless motor unit first appeared on the Civic Hybrid, where it not only does idle-stop, but also drives the car at low speeds and boosts the petrol motor when accelerating.  Given a big enough battery, I don't doubt a future Dunk or PCX could use the ...
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