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  • Re: Daelim

    [quote user=&quot;ferrix&quot;] Ducati Multistrada uses a similar &#39;innovative&#39; smart key which results in a truly innovative way of complicating your life as one journo found out: since the key is also needed to unlock the bags, he managed to drop the key on the ground when packing. Because the key was still in the proximity of the bike ...
  • Re: Daelim S1 Aux lighting Denali LED

    Nice work with the bracket, it&#39;d be cool if the light was more set into the front of the scooter, but I guess you&#39;d have to cut the bodywork for that. I agree with you about the high beam, it barely looks any different to the regular headlight except for the blue icon on the dash Do you have a comparison shot without the LED on?
  • Re: Daelim

    Some info here about the new S3 now hitting Europe:;sl=fr&amp;tl=en&amp;hl=&amp;ie=UTF-8 A successor to the S2, with the water cooled motor from the Roadwin bike, updated styling, LED lighting and an innovative remote key ...
  • Re: wotz da poinT?

    [quote user=&quot;skUta sqUid&quot;] Da poynt iz, ifya goTa garbige truk pik up garbige. ifya gota skUta ride it lik u stol it. tak no prisnas. [/quote] Haha, if I had a bumper that&#39;d be a sticker on it!
  • Re: wotz da poinT?

    I put a basket on my handlebars so I can ride through Coles and get my groceries. They&#39;re cool with it as long as you take your helmet off.
  • Re: Wired for sound!

    I&#39;m sure there are plenty of people who ride around with earphones in and never have a problem, I just preferred to come up with something that lets me show off and occsionally confuse people I&#39;m sitting next to at the lights.&nbsp; The lawmakers are always the last guys to get their heads around any new technologies, so just go with what ...
    Posted to Talk technical about scooters (Forum) by eviladrian on 10-10-2010
  • Re: Wired for sound!

    It&#39;s quite audible at city speeds, and I didn&#39;t want to block out all the other sounds around me. Why I would have fun making something unique and attention-grabbing when I could just do something boring instead? I&#39;ll have to get back to you on that
    Posted to Talk technical about scooters (Forum) by eviladrian on 09-15-2010
  • Wired for sound!

    Hey guys, it&#39;s late and my phone camera sucks, but I thought I&#39;d post up some pics of my current project. I&#39;ve mounted some mylar-cone speakers in custom enclosures and attached them to the mirror stalks on my Daelim. The enclosures were originally made for halogen lights.&nbsp; The speakers are wired in place of the bulbs and all ...
    Posted to Talk technical about scooters (Forum) by eviladrian on 09-14-2010
  • Re: If scooters are as good as we say they are...

    [quote user=&quot;ColdCola&quot;] But it&nbsp;would appear that, in many cases at least,&nbsp;the person who buys the motorcycle is buying it more on perceived social&nbsp;status &amp; perceived performance advantages, rather than on actual road-riding needs. [/quote] Back when Ford was developing the Territory, I read that Ford&#39;s research ...
  • Re: can I put brighter bulbs in my 2007 GTS IE Vespas turn indicators

    [quote user=&quot;niks&quot;] Fit LED bulbs with a resistor and you will have brighter lights. [/quote] When I did this on my S1, the blinker relay got confused by the lower current and started flashing too fast, like it would when you have a blown bulb. I ended up replacing it with a new solid-state unit designed for motorbikes, and now it ...
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