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  • The "last" hoorah ... for now...

    Hiya everyone. I've been rather distant from SC for quite a while... most of my adventures have been documented on my facebook page instead. Rosie and I have clocked uo 35,000kms in 18 months but alas I will soon part from my darling Vespa GTS. I follow another great love of mine, my Dutchman who has asked me to follow him over to live in ...
  • Re: Found the Vespa rev limiter today

    [quote user="bradr"] geez this will be a story to tell those bods that ask that stupid question  ''how does your moped go on the hwy'' [/quote] Just yesterday I had a colleague of mine making fun of the "moped" and made me out to be a liar when I told him its a 250 and its top speed. His words "Oh ...
  • Re: Found the Vespa rev limiter today

    So THATS what happened on the freeway today? My mates and I were racing to see who got to the end first. I was only doing about 130 when that little pull feeling kicked in. Its only ever happened to me twice before and that was at 140kph on the freeway, and about 143kph when over taking a road-train out in the middle of nothingness... and that ...
  • Re: The Snowy Scooter Contingent

    Pete, the photos and stories are fantastic. Looks like you all had a ripper of a trip! Im so sad that I missed it but I have been practicing well over here, exploring the best of Western Australia.... and YES!! We have HEAPS of twisties!! Just have to get WAY out of the city to find them, which I do almost every weekend at least 300-500kms in a ...
    Posted to Club and Ride Events (Forum) by haylz on 11-13-2010
  • Re: How many Klm's have you done

    Rosie has now clocked up 17,100kms, I bought her from Ace in November but had been adding to her odometer since July 09 
  • Re: Oh this is just so nice!

    Oh! I love it!! 
  • Re: Draggins

    [quote user="Scooternut"] just found a hole in the knee of my Draggins. I haven't been crawling or kneeling & have only had them for... maybe 10 months. Mind you, I'm rarely out of them. interestingly one knee (the one with the hole in it) looks more worn than the other with the colour more faded. no I haven't been ...
  • Draggins

    Finally got myself a pair!! Thanks to ScootaBug and Steve at Ace Scooters :-) They are a perfect fit and soooooo comfy! Not only will they help prevent more messy looking scars on my knees, they also look great dressed up with heels and a blazer for the office after riding to work :-) BONUS! Definately reccommend ...
  • Re: Winter Gear

    [quote user="petegailey"] Anyway enough about me. What are you wearing? [/quote]  I dont miss Sydney winters Pete! But I credit my winter and rain riding skills to Sydneys weather. I learnt to ride in that weather! My coldest riding takes place when I stay the night at my parents house once a week down in Rockingham - and have ...
  • Re: how far have you ridden in a day?

    My friends and I try to do a weekly ride of at least 300 to 400 (or even more!) kms in a day Once a week I will also do the 110km round trip to my parents house for a visit
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