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  • Re: TGB X Motion 300

    [quote user="colonel"] Was looking at buying a Scarabeo 200 or HD2 but checked out the X Motion and it looks good for the little extra money. I am a big guy, so it may suit.  Reviews read OK but looking for some real feedback before committing. Any comments.  Thanks heaps Colonel [/quote] I am 6'2" and 100 kg, ...
  • Re: wa scooter test

    I failed my first attempt at Morley, but passed on my second at Willagee. The assessor for my first test was quite unfriendly, to the point of rudeness. Don't know if he's like that all the time, but it certainly didn't help that he seemed to be in a bad mood also.   However on my second attempt, the assessor (different guy ...
    Posted to Licence and FAQ for newcomers (Forum) by Alex on 05-17-2014
  • Re: scooter or bike

    I ride a maxi scooter (TGB X Motion 300). I have had 2 ankle reconstructions in the past year on my left ankle, and can't constantly change gears on a bike without my ankle swelling up and hurting like hell. i tried riding my nephews new 250 Ninja the other day... After about 5 minutes my ankle gave up and I had to stop and admit defeat. ...
    Posted to Scootertalk - Talk about scooters (Forum) by Alex on 12-03-2013
  • Spotted: Awesome vespa at Karrinyup Shopping Centre, WA

    Hi all. Just like the title says. Only this one reminded me of the film "Quadrophenia"...  Anyone on the board own it, or know who does? I noticed an Ace Scooters number plate surround...
    Posted to Scootertalk - Talk about scooters (Forum) by Alex on 11-25-2013
  • Re: moving on..

    All the best to you, Paul. Have fun on your new bike and don't be a stranger, OK? This morning I went for a ride down to Cannington to pick up a couple of items, and had 2 big blokes on customised Harleys and leather vests with patches riding behind me. When we got to the next red light, they actually waited for me to move off, and both ...
    Posted to Scootertalk - Talk about scooters (Forum) by Alex on 11-16-2013
  • Re: speedos on scooters

    Mine is out a little, and reads high... At 50 I am only doing 44, at 60 I am doing 55, at 70 it's 66 etc. good thing is I aren't going to get a speeding ticket! My speeds were measured by the GPS on my iPhone.
    Posted to Scootertalk - Talk about scooters (Forum) by Alex on 11-11-2013
  • Excessive fuel consumption?

    Hi guys Can someone please explain why my fuel gauge shows empty on my 2013 TGB X Motion 300 after only riding100km??? It has an 11 litre fuel tank, but by the time I have done 100 km, my fuel gauge is flashing empty at me. It will only take about 3 litres to fill, so where's the other 8 litres hiding? Cheers Alex
    Posted to Ask An Expert (Forum) by Alex on 11-05-2013
  • Re: Upgrading to a Maxi

    Simon, go to "Scooters and Buggies" in Wangara or Palmyra, and get your butt on a TGB XMotion 300i. $5000, excellent build quality and will happily sit on 110 km/hr. I picked one up last week, and can't stop raving about it!  
    Posted to What to buy? Where to start (Forum) by Alex on 11-03-2013
  • Re: Just got a TGB XMotion 300i

    Nooooooo! I was out with my new scoot in the front yard on Saturday... Idiot me gave it a squirt to get out of some boggy sand, the handlebar tangled up in my riding jacket sleeve (which wasn't done up) and my scoot hit my car, then went THROUGH my super 6 fence!!! I am such an idiot!!![:'(] Luckily the damage is only cosmetic... ...
  • Just got a TGB XMotion 300i

    Hi all. As the title says, I just picked up a new TGB XMotion 300i today. Paid $5k for it. Apparently they are now going up to $6K! It's brand spanking new with only 35km on the clock, which were put on there by me riding home... (The long way!) What can I say... It has plenty of power, looks pretty sexy and handles really ...
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