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  • Re: No Japanese Tarrifs

    I was under the impression that scooters/motorbikes have been duty Free for many years.

    There is a guy in USA (you will have to research the Modern Vespa forum) who codes Vespa keys.  I believe he can also code keys from the ECU, Maybe he can do the same for the  Gilera.  Might be worth the research. John  
    Posted to Talk technical about scooters (Forum) by johnwf on 11-08-2014
  • Re: Strange sort of noise/feeling when approaching top speed?

    Just a thought, one possiblity, if the occurance is at top speed, ie maximum revs, is that the engine is running rich.  The fluffy noise you hear could be the engine four stroking.  Check the air filter to ensure you are getting maximum air flow. 
    Posted to Ask An Expert (Forum) by johnwf on 09-11-2014
  • Re: stock is best

    Mike, Apology for the late reply, I have been away from home for a while.  Firstly, my QUASAR engine is in an Italjet Dragster.  I do not know what model Harley pump it is, i bought it off ebay at a good price as I wanted an ethanol compliant pump to run E85 when I eventually put a turbo on the engine.  I installed two fittings ...
  • Re: stock is best

    Hi Mike, I am surprised you did not like the red springs.  I have them in the Quasar engine in my Dragster and do not have the hesitation you report.  However, the engine tune may have an effect, my engine is basically stock except for an Australian made Megacycle muffler, air box mods, Harley Davison fuel pump so I can run higher fuel ...
  • Re: Daelim S1 - Super Commuter

    Scootaguy, My daughter had an S1 and I agree with what you are saying.  I made two modifications which made a big difference.  To help with take-off I fitted heavier clutch springs.  I am not sure whether you can buy specific springs for the S1, I used an old set from my Italjet Dragster (with some minor grinding of the shoes to ...
    Posted to 51cc to 125cc Reviews (Forum) by johnwf on 02-19-2014
  • Re: paint scooter & replace battery

    I have a 2001 dragster which has a modified 180cc 2 stroke motor and quite a fun ride.  Some years ago I bought a bare chassis (from 2003 model I think) which sat in the shed for quite a while until I decided to do something with it.  Anyway, parts are virtually impossible to source in Australia, so it was going to be prohibitive to ...
  • Re: paint scooter & replace battery

    Hi, Why not have a go at painting it yourself.  I repainted my Italjet Dragster with spray cans from an auto store.  With a bit of care and good preparation you can get a reasonable finish.  This is a photo of my finished Dragster.
  • Re: solved Rear wheel jamming

    From what you are saying, the problem only occurs once you tighten the nut.  That would indicate that there is a spacer missing (or wrong thickness) possibly between the clutch and the cover.  Have you checked a manual or schematic to ensure everthing is in the correct position or order. regards, john
    Posted to Talk technical about scooters (Forum) by johnwf on 07-02-2013
  • Free XEVO 250 bits

    Some panel bits (mainly rear), side panels including seat and seat bucket, also headlight.  Left over from wrecked scooter I purchased to get the motor and wiring.  Send to dump in fortnight if still here.  Free and pick up in Canberra.
    Posted to Sell a Scooter Part/Accessory (Forum) by johnwf on 02-21-2013
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