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  • Re: Sensible is best

    What? Me cheat? But I play to my own rules slightly, by going back and forth through the cards in my hand. I win about 50% of my games. Yes, Philippa was ill. She had a brain tumour and it took a year to kill her. She died two years ago, and I am still depressed. Yesterday would have been our 56th wedding anniversary and I played our wedding ...
  • Re: Sensible is best

    Rode up to Pie-in-0the-Sky yesterday, up the old Pacific Highway (I live in Berowra Heights). I feel very safe scootering, nowhere near anyone else. I met three mates up there, and we conversed at about 6 meters separation. Then I rode down to Brooklyn and had a walk around the headland there. Spent a lot of time composing pictures and ...
  • Re: The last post

    I've been looking in here from time to time for signs of life. There is not much going for an all makes scooter forum. Sydney City Scooter club died several years ago, after the Lambretta group and anti-automatics group split off and destroyed the Sydney scooter scene. The newer  Australian Vespa clubs are doing well, and some ...
    Posted to Chat off topic here (Forum) by Mike Holland on 01-06-2020
  • Re: Adiva AD3 400

    It doesn't come under an umbrella. It comes under a roof!  
  • Re: Happy Christmas

    Thanks, Tony, and compliments of the season to all who still visit this forum.  
  • Re: Vespa GTS 300 HPE

    Two more minor problems reported with the HPE.There is a white plastic cover over the ECU. This lets moisture in which can affect the engine. Solution is to coat the inside of the cover with some sort of sealant when putting it on. Second problem, one guy had the spring break in the hook on the back of the handlebars. A very minor problem, ...
  • Re: Vespa GTS 300 HPE

    The first teething problem with the HPE has happened. DJ Wolf in Austria had his lose power and then cut out while on a motorway. Fortunately he had the opportunity to pull over intro a safety lane. Turned out the cable plug into the ECU had parttly pulled out. It seems that on the HPE they have shortened some of the cables in the engine ...
  • Re: Vespa GTS 300 HPE

    Nope. THe dyno tests are already in from the German and Austrian forums. The HPE has a nice bit more power, but the Malossi V4 kit still has more. I am more interested in what they have done to the transmission. I gather it is very smooth and quiet. I'm very keen to test ride one. I think the Piaggio engineers have done a miracle of ...
  • Re: Its beginning to look a lot like XMAS

    Thanks, Rod, and seasons greetings to you and all who visit this forum on odd occasions. I'm still riding reguilarly. Went on a Father Christmas ride around the city, Bondi and Bronte this morning with the Sydney Vespa club. Had about 16 scooters. And I scoot up to PITS most mornings for a coffee and chat with a bunch of motorcyclists there. ...
  • Re: Wanted - flyscreen for GTS300 (Perth)

    Can't help you, Brett, but are you aware it will push all the wind into your face and greatly increase wind noise? Not a problem if you wear a full face helmet. Mike  
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