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  • Re: Hot Rod Scooter

    It's looking good. How about a nice big fog lamp on one side of the front panels? Would make it look a bit more aggressive, and being off-centre would give it a rakish look. Mike      
  • Re: Realistic Value for GTS250ie

    Two years ago I sold my vintage red GTS250. It was 8 years old, and had about 60,000 km on the clock. I hoped for $5000, then had it advertised at $4000 for several months, and finally sold it for $3500. Yours has a much lower mileage, and if it is all standard you might get a better price, but don't be too optimistic. Good luck. ...
  • Re: A fly in the ointment

    No doubt his wife was looking at her mobile phone as she stepped out! She could just as easily have been knocked down by a jogger.  
  • Re: The end of 2017

    Sorry to hear about all your trauma, Rod. Hope the medicos can get your body stable so that you can still enjoy life in the coming year, even if a very different life. Have to find some new hobbies. I have also had an Annus Horribilus, as a year ago Philippa acquired a brain tumour of the worst sort. She has had a brain operation, radiation ...
  • Re: Scooter ABS/Dropped Scarabeo

    My Vespa GTS300 has ABS both front and rear, and also ASR. ASR stops skidding/slipping by detecting when the wheels are rotating at different speeds, and cuts the power for a moment.   The ASR can be switched off, and I always switch it off when I start the scooter. Whith it on, the scooter hesitates on take-off and when going over ...
  • Re: GTS300 Rust!!

    You could get some rust converter at any hardware shop. It would stop it getting worse and you could paint over it and just keep checking it every month or two. Depends on how deep the rust is, of course, and whether the srength of the body is compromised.   
  • Re: Modding my new GTS300

    Ride a standard GTS300 and then come and ride mine. Your butt wil tell you the percentage. But it is also a love of fiddling, and trying to squeeze out that bit extra. Making the scooter go the way a Vespa GTS300 should go! Edit:   -  and look the way it should look! (in my opinion, anyway). But it looks a bit better without the ...
  • Re: Modding my new GTS300

    Still extremely happy with my transmission . As a poiint of interest, a shorter belt is recommended for the Costa, Zelioni and Polini variators, so my idea is nothing new. I haven't opened the transmission to check everything yet, but am not in a hurry to do so. My engine has been running hot  -  plug electrode tips burnt ...
  • Some Freebies

    Stuff I want to clear out of my shed. Free to anyone who is prepared to ride up to Berowra Heights to collect them.- 1.  Piaggio floor mat for GT/GTS.  Black, slightly used. 2.  PM Tuning TFI module (same as Super Coirsa module marketed by ScooterWest). 3.  GTS250 cylinder and piston. Good condition, done about 11,000 km. ...
  • Re: Hot Rod Scooter

    Get some brake lever covers that have tassels attached.
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