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  • Re: Scooters, are they a serious form of transport??

    I have a Scarabeo 200 (2009) model, its a good scoot. Yes you get blown around a little on the freeway but it is very agile and easy to manouver in the city so it makes up for it. I would not swap my top box for a tunnel bag, it annoys me a bit having things inbetween my feet in the foot well. I have a Shad 35L top box. I do not notice any extra ...
  • Re: Should I upgrade to a bigger scooter?

    Thanks for all the comments everyone, I think you are right with scooters being more what I need and size 300 to 650cc max.    Take the burgman for instance, it's weight is 238kg dry which is 84kg more than the Beo. If I go with something bigger and more comfortable on the freeway, will I lose splitting and filtering ability? Or ...
  • Should I upgrade to a bigger scooter?

    I started off on a 50cc scooter, just to zip around the city. Since then I upgraded to a faster scooter, an Aprilia Scarabeo 200, it goes alright, it's actually 189cc, very light ~150kg, good for filtering/splitting but bad because I get blown around a bit on the freeway and wind blast from the small windshield. Gets me to ...
  • Scooter crash involving Tony Abbott

    Just heard on the news that a female scooter rider has collided with a commonwealth limousine which our great opposition leader Tony Abbott was in. Happened somewhere in Brisbane. Apparently the scooter rider has a broken leg.   Details a bit sketchy but I hope the scooter rider is OK. I wonder if the limo was at fault.
  • Re: scarabeo slipping clutch

    Just wondering how you guys are going with your clutch probs? I have a Beo 200 ('09), noticed for the first time today something strange happening. In grid lock traffic and for once I didn't filter etc, anyway when I was going from stop/start frequently, at such slow speeds, I noticed a change in that the scooter would take off REAL rough, ...
    Posted to Talk technical about scooters (Forum) by dammit on 03-06-2012
  • Re: I Need A Jacket for Summer-What's Recommended Pls?

    I have a dri rider air ride II i think it is, cost about $180, has a removable waterproof lining and when thats in it gets a little hot but otherwise with it out, nice and cool. I can wear long sleeve business shirts in QLD summer heat with the jacket on and not melt.
  • Re: CMC Daytona 50cc Scooters

    Hi Ray. I didn't end up buying a Daytona. I'm glad I didn't, because the stuff I have heard from everyone who has one is they are slow, unreliable/low quality. That's not to say yours will be but that was why I ruled them out as a contender. You will find it very hard to get info on them because as far as I know only one guy on the ...
  • New tyres for the Scarabeo 200

    I haven't had my Scarabeo 200 for all that long, I bought a used 2009 model, still has the Cheng Shen tyres on it. I haven't riden it in the pouring rain yet, and don't particularly want to whilst it has the Cheng Shen tyres, from what I have read online/etc. They technically don't need replacing just yet, still have a fair bit of ...
  • Re: Uphill with a Fifty

    i don't know a lot about modding 50cc scooters, but I do know this is a common complaint. I had a 50cc Mojo scooter which was derestricted, it could get to 75km/hr on flat (GPS reading) and honestly going up some hills it would have been quicker to park the scooter and walk up. It would drop down to 30-40km/hr, cars would pile up behind me, it ...
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