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  • vespa flyscreen

    Hi, I took off my flyscreen before selling the Vespa. It is in good condition, fits a GTS 250 and I assume other GTS's. $40 but you have to pick it up from Southern Suburbs of Sydney. PM if interested. Cheers
    Posted to Sell a Scooter Part/Accessory (Forum) by ansur on 04-11-2015
  • Re: Vespa gts250. Little Red

    Hi,  Like a lot of people I have moved over to the dark side after trading in my vespa for a Yamaha MT-07. It has been coming for some time after a overnight trip with some mates. They were all on bikes and while I kept up most of the time as soon as we hit a hill they were gone. I noticed I was also drifting on to bike review pages more and ...
  • Re: Just got the Vespa back

    Thanks for the information fluffy.  Got it fixed, I am better at taking the glovebox off now. Flew through it this morning. Found that a little black nodule thing had come out of its spot behind the manual release popped it back in, but still didn't lock properly. I had read that the lock can drop a bit, so I took it off and added a ...
  • Re: Phatvespa GTS 250ie MALOSSI DELTA CLUTCH

    Thanks for posting the photos of yours and Ian's work. I have only just started to remove the different panels on the Vespa. You guys are very inspiring, but at this point I know my limitations. Keep posting your work please.
    Posted to 126cc to 250cc Reviews (Forum) by ansur on 04-20-2014
  • Re: Just got the Vespa back

    I got the chance yesterday to have a longer run through the national park. I can report that the engine light issue was related to the regulator and the new front tire was a great idea.
  • Re: Just got the Vespa back

    Hi again. It has been a while. Well the scooter has had another problem. The engine light would come on when under power and then go off at idle. It took me ages but I took it over to Sandi at ssengineering. He thought it might be the oxygen sensor and replaced it, but that wasn't it. He then had an idea that the Jettin exhaust might be the ...
  • Re: Just got the Vespa back

    [quote user="martindemo"] There is a vespa guy in Bondi....bondi road...been there for years and I know that U Shire types like the beach never used him my self..... [/quote] Thanks for that martindemo. I think I will give them a go.   Took out the Vespa again today and I am happy to say ...
  • Re: Just got the Vespa back

    Went for a 20 km ride today to check the scoot. It behaved well no stalling or power drops. I tried to replicate the conditions of the other day but, was able to get up to the 80km/h for long enough. I am now wondering if it was the efi remapping itself after not being ridden fo a while.   Anyway good to have it back, now I need to get a ...
  • Just got the Vespa back

    Hi it has been a while since I posted. Sorry. I have been lurking though and check the forums every few days. i just got my little red back after dropping in my drive way. I didn't do that much damage but insurance was called on. This was a very long process, which was due to insurance and dealer issues. I don't blame either as I was out ...
  • NSW Rego

    My label says I need to get an inspection. Where do you go to get it checked? Thanks in advance. Ansur
    Posted to What to buy? Where to start (Forum) by ansur on 09-26-2012
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