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  • Re: Xmax 300

    The Xmax 300 is very popular over on the Maxi Muppets forum.  They seem to really like them.   If I was using a bike/scoot as my primary vehicle it would be one of the Jap brands.   Aaron  
  • Re: Yamaha Tricity 155 - Owner Review

    Webike Japan is great.  Ive used them for about 6 years now.
  • 2017 Yamaha Tmax coming to Oz

    Saw the other night, a news story about Motorbikes to be released in Australia in 2017   The Tmax SX is due in April, and the Burgman 400 later in the year   Aaron
  • Re: Aaron

    Hi Mick. A normal sized paraglider/harness is way too big to fit under the seat.  An option would be to get a good waterproof back pack to put the paraglider/harness into, then your gear would stay dry in the rain.  You really don’t want to get the harness wet either, it’s a specialised piece of equipment. A lightweight ...
  • Re: How long does your rearend last?

     Just looked at the Dunlop rear on my Majesty 400, Ive done nearly 10,000km since new and its still quite a few km left yet.  Far cry from my old X8 250, that would get 4000km max out of a rear, and I ride both scooters in the same manner.
  • Re: PCX 150 question.

      All the weight of the paraglider is on the seat. You adjust the straps to merely keep the paraglider/harness strapped to you. This photo is me in Bali, on a Suzuki 110cc scoot. In this pic I have the wing/harness on my back, and a second wing at my feet. I wouldn’t travel like this in Australia (with the second wing at my feet) but ...
  • Re: PCX 150 question.

     I have the PCX 125 and the Majesty 400.  I used the PCX for my daily ride to work of 45km, and it goes well.  I have the taller Givi screen on it (and the Heated Honda grips - from Webike Japan).  But then I had the chance to buy a near new Majesty 400, so I grabbed it.  I have since given the PCX to my wife, she rides it ...
  • Re: Multi purpose Maxi?

    Hi Mick A trailer would work as well, for longer trips where you really want the paragliding gear to stay dry in rain. Ive had my Majesty for 1 year now. I bought it locally, secondhand, but it had only done 73 kilometres, so it was virtually brand new. Its a real nice scooter. Being a big single cylinder, the engine was quite vibey for the ...
  • Re: Multi purpose Maxi?

     I paraglide and ride scooters.    I do carry mine on my back on my Yamaha Majesty 400.  I have a reversable harness, so the wing fits inside the harness, and makes the backpack quite small.  But if it rains it would be a pain, as your wing would get wet.  Car is a good idea for bigger trips, and a scooter ...
  • Re: Tabitha Scoot's Genuine Honda PCX125 Review

     The switch to the seat is cable operated, so it dosnt use the battery anyway.   Aaron
    Posted to 51cc to 125cc Reviews (Forum) by Aaron on 01-06-2013
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