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  • Re: Active Scooter Clubs

    i suppose what I was trying to say was that "social media" has killed most "social" clubs which depended for their rationale on actual contact and meeting way back in the 50s, 60s and 70s. There is no real need to slag off Facebook or any of the other internet-based outlets (indeed like this one; if you think that Scooter ...
    Posted to Club and Ride Events (Forum) by DaveO on 01-16-2017
  • Re: Active Scooter Clubs

    [quote user="Rod Fountain"] Facebook has definitely decimated the number of clubs there are currently throughout the world Just from a curiosity point I was wondering how many are still functioning in Australia and which one would be the oldest When I refer to functioning --I mean having a meeting or ride at least once a month and ...
    Posted to Club and Ride Events (Forum) by DaveO on 01-15-2017
  • Re: Road condition, info needed

    I drive to Medowie from Bathurst frequently. From Griffith ride through the lovely country on back(ish) roads to Grenfell, then Cowra & Bathurst. From Bathurst ride through Sofala, Ilford and Rylstone onto the Bylong Valley Way. Nice store at Bylong with food, fuel and camping if you wish. From Bylong, keep on the Bylong Valley Way to Sandy ...
    Posted to Club and Ride Events (Forum) by DaveO on 12-06-2016
  • Re: Electric Vespa coming soon...

    On two strokes, don't forget the 70s Suzuki mini-jeeps, the LJ10, LJ20 and LJ50. The LJ10 was a 360cc twin cylinder and the LJ20 & 50 were 600cc or so triples.    
  • Re: UM

    Sorry, Pyrah, too obscure for me. 
    Posted to Chat off topic here (Forum) by DaveO on 11-11-2016
  • Re: Little Adventures

    [quote user="pyrah"] Get yourself a Yamaha XT250 Lois Pryce did some epic journeys on her 250 [/quote] I have a Vespa GTS because of its open frame, not its seat height. Just look at the pic: even if Lois's Yammy had a seat height of, say 600mm, I still wouldn't be able to get on or off the *** when set up like ...
  • Re: Honda SH 150 - renewed

    I wish we still had the 400. I don't think us country riders will go for a 200  
  • Re: Electric Vespa coming soon...

    [quote user="pyrah"] So it's a myth that two strokes caused pollution [/quote]    You hafta get the timing right. I always thought that the Orbital Technology Company in its more sensible post-Ralph Sarich phase solved the two-stroke pollution problem with their injection technology. But of course by then it was TOO ...
  • Re: It's RIDING TIME

    [quote user="Rod Fountain"] anyone who doesnt go for a ride today is a feathered wombat and will probably get its neck rung  [/quote] OR They don't live in the same weather area as you    
    Posted to Club and Ride Events (Forum) by DaveO on 10-30-2016
  • Re: Petrol or Battery

    It's called an inverter; available at your nearest Supercheap Auto store  
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