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  • Re: 2017 Scooter of the Year

    Aspro Boy The obvious question is - " What criteria is being used to assess an outright 2017 scooter deemed to be worthy of that title ?" - put forward by whom? and for what reason? eg. Catagory ? Value for money ? Design ? Reliability ? Warranty backup etc... Until any such title is shown to have been assessed on disclosed sound ...
  • E-10 - again.

    Not that I use the stuff myself, but it occured to me recently that scooter and M/C manufacturers don't seem to have embraced E-10 as an alternative fuel at all. Otherwise, why do I not see "E-10 approved" stickers on bikes. Don't get me wrong - at a saving of only 2c a litre it hardly seems bothering to use it anyway. Among many ...
  • Re: Oil changes

    gaz The seat on the 300i is still a bit too far forward but I'm learning to tolerate it as I expect it to soften over time. I had the seat on the 350i altered, but due to the shape of plastic underside having to be re-shaped it finished up being harder. So - I'll live with the standard seat on the 300i for now.
  • Re: Oil changes

    gaz Another Kymco - this time an X-Town 300i - so far so good. Similar layout to the 350i with some improvements - seat a little better - instrument back lighting better. Screen a little higher and easier to clean and remove. Underseat light now has a timed cut off (in case you forget to put the seat down I guess). Rear tyre slightly broader - ...
  • Re: Oil changes

    Pyra - Ironically, upon inspection my new scooter does have an oil filter even though the owners manual doesn't show it to be so. Sign of the times?
  • Oil changes

    What are the merrits between changing oils strickly as per schedule - or earlier or later? Now that we live in a world of synthetic oils can scheduled oil changes be varied - should we even consider it? I am now the owner of a new bike that has no oil filter and a reduced oil schedule span (every 2000kms) - Mineral oil 5W-50 API SJ or better. ...
  • Too many !

    About 5/6 years ago  a study by Sydney University on two-wheel rider safety concluded that; If a rider wore a white/ yellow helmet he/she stood a 10% better chance of not being involved in an accident. Wearing a High Visi safety vest increased the odds by a further 40%. I took notice of that report and have adopted both recommendations ever ...
  • Re: Vozz - Rear opening helmets

      Just so you know - The 'rear-opening' type helmet is currently being used in MotoGP by at least one rider.
  • Vozz - Rear opening helmets

      Has anyone experienced using one of the new-type rear opening helmets? There is a demonstration video on YouTube, but I am unable to locate supply/cost; Apparently it is an Australian design. Also - What do you think of the idea? Q. What if emergency crews are untrained in removal (there is a button on both sides that must be pressed ...
  • Re: Bigger is not always better

    Chicaboo My 350i is matte white - I bought it because I find the alternative dark grey somewhat depressing and visually a danger on the road. At first I too felt that the matte finish might be a problem but in just under a year (9000+kms) I have not found it not to be so at all. The secret? LEAVE IT ALONE! When the odd cleaning occaion arises the ...
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