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  • Christmas

           Christmas greetings to everyone
  • Re: Around australia

      Thanks for the reply ... still an inspiration !   Cheers
  • Around australia

      Quite some time ago it was reported somewhere on this site that a young woman had purchased a 50cc Sym 2 stroke scooter and had circum navigated Australia with little or no problems. I wonder - where is she now, and whether she still rides a scooter ? What a game girl . . . Anyone?   Cheers
  • Re: 2020 Yamaha Tricity 300

    How are things Mark . . . The NMax is going along fine (2500kms) - Have fitted some extra parts so as to "tart" it up a bit. Averages mearly 50km per litre. Initially the ride was a bit hard, but is ok now - it handles well for a smaller bike. I have fitted a screen to keep out the cold a bit.   So far, so good ...
  • Re: 2020 Yamaha Tricity 300

    Mark .. .   Yes - there is progress at last - took delivery of Yamaha NMax 155 today (matt blue). Handles well. So far so good - 80 kms and very satisfied - can put feet in forward position so, although the seat is firm, it was comfortable. Have already ordered a larger windscreen, and a few nick - nacks to 'tart' the bike up. In ...
  • Re: 2020 Yamaha Tricity 300

    Hi Mark . . . I am starting to consider buying a smaller bike - maybe a Yamaha NMax 155. The new NMax Tech Max won't be here until 2022. The Honda ADV 150 is $1K dearer - and has a drum brake at the rear (yes, really!) The newly announced Kymco KRV 175 looks a better bike, but will not be here until 2022 So - it may come down to second ...
  • Re: 2020 Yamaha Tricity 300

    Hello Mark. . . I do have a short list of three bikes to replace the Tricity 300 :- There is a new Yamaha on the block (don't hold your breath) - XMax 300 Tech Max. It looks to have a good number of improvements (not that the old model was bad). Euro 5 engine - lighter (9kg/180kgs) - Longer wheelbase - alloy foot pads - new seat (better ...
  • A Merry Christmas

      Have a happy and safe two wheel traveling over the Christmas break - and afterwards ...   Cheers
  • Re: 2020 Yamaha Tricity 300

    Mark . . . I have just noticed that Kymco have a couple of new models about to be released. The DT X360 seems a likely candidate for me -  after I rid myself of theTricity 300.   Cheers
  • Re: 2020 Yamaha Tricity 300

    It's now a year later, and I finally own a Tricity 300 - only to be disappointed. The front suspension lock is a pain in the bum ( not very secure). This causes anxiety when wheeling around (leans side to side to easily). My main concern however is with the tendancy for the front suspension to 'dive' at low speeds (so mush so that ...
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