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  • Happy 2019 scootering

    Safe & Happy scooter riding in 2019 everyone
  • Re: Xmax 300

    Mark         It looks like the Forza 300A is a non-starter for me. The price is $1000 more than the X-Max 300 @ $8000 + ORC. Why pay more for less? Cheers
  • Re: Xmax 300

    Mark - re X-Max 300 review We now have 7500kms on the clock so although my feelings for the bike are neutral I must be enjoying it or I wouldn't be riding it so much. Seriously; the X-max is 1. Well made. 2. Very economical (constantly 40kms/ltr - I measured top-up to top-up 3-4 times). 3. Very good power response (even though I rarely go ...
  • Re: 200 to 300 choices

    Brett 69... I'd stay away from very small wheels (8-10inch) when choosing - there isn't much of a rubber footprint to them.   Cheers
  • "engine on" light

    Can anyone guide me toward extinguishing the 'engine-on' light on a Yamaha X-Max 300 (2018) Nothing appears to be loose. Thanks
    Posted to Talk technical about scooters (Forum) by tonyr on 06-29-2018
  • Re: honda ctx700d vs. nc700 vs. dn-01

    Silvo.. Of the three the nc700 is the more conventional (but not outstanding) However, there will be valid reasons why none of these bikes sold in large numbers. None fit into the "popular" category and that means low prices, low demand, and limited availability.   Cheers
  • Re: Scooter Steering Problem

    Vampire...Firstly - I don't think the problem is a "Vespa exclusive" problem. I came across this problem when I owned an Aprilia 200i. There was a noticeable problem that at first was difficult to rationalize; the most common suggestion was that it was because of road cambers. As is often the case, the solution presented itself ...
  • Re: Xmax 300

    Aspro boy... The kms are rising (2900) and the XMax is doing fine. The most notable exception to most bikes is the fuel consumption. I maintain a steady 60-70kph at the moment and the indicated consumption is 42.3 kms per litre - I don't think any other bike (300) can beat that !  Overall - it is a better bike, but then that's what ...
  • Buying a seat from Yamaha

      Why would you offer a "Comfort" seat as an optional extra on an X-Max 300 (estimated $500) when the bike is already fitted with a seat? Could it be that Yamaha are making an  'in-between-the-lines' statement that ... "Our seat isn't very good and is uncomfortable, but we can sell you a proper one for $500 ...
  • Re: Xmax 300

    Aspro Boy I paid the retail, but got a discount via the good trad-in price that I got on my 2017 Kymco X-Town 300. What would I have bought if the X-Max 300 wasn't available? Nothing else attracted me, so I would have stayed with the X-Town as it was a pretty good all-round bike. The X-Max is good so far - am still running it in. The ...
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