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  • Re: Xmax 300

    Pyra - &nbsp; The official price in SA is $6999 + ORC &nbsp; i just bought one...
  • Re: bad service

    *^-t happens - let us know who you are talking about so that others may avoid that supplier - you will be doing us all a service. PS Was it an ebay purchase ? If so give them a &#39;negative&#39;. Cheers
  • Re: The end of 2017

    Rod Firstly - Have a better year ahead.&nbsp; Secondly - Booker Bay sounds like a nice place to downsize - any vacancies? You have wheels - that&#39;s the main thing. You can now harrass a whole new section of the community ....&nbsp;&nbsp; enjoy it all. Cheers
  • Re: Sydney Motorcycle &Scooter Show Darling Harbour

    &nbsp; Martin - It seems to me that Yamaha are not very agile in promoting the 3 wheel concept or they would have sold more. 3 wheels will always be better than 2, but the bike is seen as a novelty by the general public/ first buyer who tend to be conservative. They need to be coaxed!&nbsp; (Wake up Yamaha!) Now if they raised the ...
  • Re: Kymco 550

    Rosco My guess is that much of this bike owes its DNA from the BMW built at the same stable. It sure has lots of modern ideas BUT, I suspect modern costs to go with it. eg. I think it has a belt drive to the overhead camshaft, a wet clutch that requires an eye to be kept on, and a nice large (no doubt expensive) rear drive belt that no doubt ...
  • Re: Upgrading from Piaggio Fly recommendations

    Shurik Based on my own experience - I suggest that a Kymco X-Town 300 would take a lot of beating at around your budget.
  • Re: Vespa styling

    Pyra - thanks for the information. It seems strange that such thing as styling / shape could be protected considering the number of years that have passed since the Vespa scooter was first introduced. Even patents and copyrights expire after fewer years than the approximate 70 years since introduction of the first Vespas. For how long can Piaggio ...
  • Re: 2017 Scooter of the Year

    Aspro Boy The obvious question is - &quot; What criteria is being used to assess an outright 2017 scooter deemed to be worthy of that title ?&quot; - put forward by whom? and for what reason? eg. Catagory ? Value for money ? Design ? Reliability ? Warranty backup etc... Until any such title is shown to have been assessed on disclosed sound ...
  • E-10 - again.

    Not that I use the stuff myself, but it occured to me recently that scooter and M/C manufacturers don&#39;t seem to have embraced E-10 as an alternative fuel at all. Otherwise, why do I not see &quot;E-10 approved&quot; stickers on bikes. Don&#39;t get me wrong - at a saving of only 2c a litre it hardly seems bothering to use it anyway. Among many ...
  • Re: Oil changes

    gaz The seat on the 300i is still a bit too far forward but I&#39;m learning to tolerate it as I expect it to soften over time. I had the seat on the 350i altered, but due to the shape of plastic underside having to be re-shaped it finished up being harder. So - I&#39;ll live with the standard seat on the 300i for now.
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