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  • Re: Bigger is not always better

    Chicaboo - and the rest of you guys and girls..... I stuffed up the edit - thus the blank page.... Chicaboo - I am in the process of trading my 2016 Downtown 350i for the new Kymco X-town 300. I have enjoyed the 350i and consider it is the best yet of many, many scooters of the last 12-14 years. It has been flawless in all departments, and I can ...
  • Re: Bigger is not always better

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  • Re: New Vespa Franchise

    Aspro Boy - Ref: Yourban. It&#39;s the $10K plus (on the road) that makes, I believe, the Yourban a rare site on the roads. &nbsp; Cheers
  • Re: Future of scooters

    Mike - Can I echo your sentiments by adding that .. In those heady days of past there was an air of &quot;can-do&quot; as apposed the present attitude of &quot;can&#39;t-do&quot;. It is little wonder that today&#39;s young people&nbsp; wish to persue &#39;retro&#39; as some holy grail to be desired. Right now&nbsp; I am working on changing ...
  • Adiva AD3 LT

    I have just come across the 2016 version on YouTube.&nbsp; Allen mentioned it about 2 years ago ala EICMA 2014. Looks great and has all the electronic bells and whistles. Might be suitable for just about anyone, but - the quoted price ($16K) is high - dream on........
  • Re: YOUR scooter design

    &nbsp; &nbsp; Alas - we are stuck with the unimaginative, whose creations are as grey and black as the bikes they produce.
  • YOUR scooter design

    &nbsp; f you had a clean sheet on which to design a motor scooter from scratch, what criteria would you give to the design ? Would it be say&nbsp; Looks? or Servicibility or Economy or Performance or Stowage etc . Just maybe there is a better way, but then again, many love to stick to retro designs of the past. OR ..maybe the design of ...
  • Variators and grease

    I have come across an advert for Polini grease. It states that the ingredients (Lithium &amp; Molybdenum disulphide) &quot;Lengthens roller life &amp; protects ramp surfaces&quot;. I would never consider grease and variator rollers / ramps to be compatable. Main guide tube yes - but rollers &amp; ramps ? What do you think ? &nbsp; &nbsp;
  • Kymco K50 Concept

    Whilst brousing U-Tube I came across a new concept scooter by Kymco. Called &quot;K50 Concept&quot;.&nbsp; It appears to be unashamedly targetting both the Yamaha TMax 530 and BMW 600/650 - almost a copy in many respects. An inline twin cylinder motor, mono shock, Brembo brakes (ABS) and outer belt drive. It appears to be in the pre-production ...
  • Re: Road conditions

    Rod - I couldn&#39;t agree more - however, I nearly got bowled over by a mobility scooter on a pedestrian bridge in Strathalbyn the other day - no &#39;toot&#39; - and a fair turn of speed (estimated 20kph). However - my priority hazard driving awareness situation is between 2.30pm - 3.30pm when mummies are heading for &quot;offspring&quot; ...
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