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  • 2005 Honda Siverwing 600 transmission

    &nbsp; Can anyone tell me what type of transmission is in this model - Is it a normal CVT transmission (ie. variator / rollers / centrifugal clutch / belt drive) or some other type ? Thanks
  • Re: Kymco 200+

    &nbsp; Pyra - You are correct - it was 181cc (my mistake) - BUT - it was still a lousy buy.! The problems were (quite apart from the poor performance) : - 1. Seat issues&nbsp; 2. Major clutch problems due to clutch linings of inferiour quality and grade (replaced twice) 3. Very poor machining of variator (rectified) 4. HP fuel line seperation ...
  • Re: Kymco 200+

    Aspro Boy - What you observed is common sense gone astray by the manufacturers. Low power combined with too-higher weight will always result in poor performance and highter wear rates - observe the attrition rate of 50cc scooters because of this struggle. I still whince with the outcome of an Aprilia 200 that I was mislead to believe was a 198cc ...
  • Kymco 200+

    It has become quite tedious to have a new model scooter misrepresented by its title/name. The new Kymco 200+ should, at the very least be called a (minuus) -200.&nbsp; A larger capacity engine with a good power-to-weight ratio overall does what this bike doesn&#39;t..&nbsp; Hardly worth the effort ? &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp;
  • Re: Are you getting your full quote of cc

    Pyrah Thanks for some very hand information - wish I had known it when I bought an Aprilia &quot;200&quot; quite some time ago - the lack of cc&#39;s / power resulted in a pig of a bike when carrying 2 up. Cheers
  • Re: Downtown 350i

    jpfvita - My only future plans for the Downtown now is to fit 17gm rollers (standard are 20x12x15.5gms). I did the same on the GTS 300i (same specs-different motor) which, although only about a 6% weight increase took advatage of the good low end torque without penalising exceleration much. The same should happen to the 350i only more so as the ...
  • Downtown 350i

    &nbsp; Have had the Kymco Downtown 350i for about 6 weeks now (2700kms). &nbsp;Smooth engine / response - quiet - very good handling - very economical (30-34 km/100) and easy on the eye. Certainly bears out with the sales pitch - more torque low down - excellent fitting panels and the electronics etc all work well. My &quot;summer&quot; ...
  • Re: Vespa GTS300 - Number Plate Holder

    &nbsp; &nbsp; The owner of the Vespa GT300 (Aaron PM) no doubt thinks his bike would look a little better by wearing something more imaginative than ugly. &nbsp;
  • Re: Vespa GTS300 - Number Plate Holder

    Aaron -&nbsp; (An old fashioned solution) - If it doesn&#39;t look so good put a bag over it ! &nbsp;
  • Re: Do we really need a licence

    Rod - I couldn&#39;t agree more.&nbsp; Training (habits) - A solution way beyond the comprehension of government &#39;interllectuals&#39;. How could such persons suffering from FRS (free ride syndrome) possibly grasp a notion like that anyway ? No&nbsp; -&nbsp; I&#39;m afraid we are stuck with ignorance ...............&nbsp;&nbsp; and more ...
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