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  • Re: Kymco 200+

    Aspro Boy - What you observed is common sense gone astray by the manufacturers. Low power combined with too-higher weight will always result in poor performance and highter wear rates - observe the attrition rate of 50cc scooters because of this struggle. I still whince with the outcome of an Aprilia 200 that I was mislead to believe was a 198cc ...
  • Kymco 200+

    It has become quite tedious to have a new model scooter misrepresented by its title/name. The new Kymco 200+ should, at the very least be called a (minuus) -200.&nbsp; A larger capacity engine with a good power-to-weight ratio overall does what this bike doesn&#39;t..&nbsp; Hardly worth the effort ? &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp;
  • Re: Are you getting your full quote of cc

    Pyrah Thanks for some very hand information - wish I had known it when I bought an Aprilia &quot;200&quot; quite some time ago - the lack of cc&#39;s / power resulted in a pig of a bike when carrying 2 up. Cheers
  • Re: Downtown 350i

    jpfvita - My only future plans for the Downtown now is to fit 17gm rollers (standard are 20x12x15.5gms). I did the same on the GTS 300i (same specs-different motor) which, although only about a 6% weight increase took advatage of the good low end torque without penalising exceleration much. The same should happen to the 350i only more so as the ...
  • Downtown 350i

    &nbsp; Have had the Kymco Downtown 350i for about 6 weeks now (2700kms). &nbsp;Smooth engine / response - quiet - very good handling - very economical (30-34 km/100) and easy on the eye. Certainly bears out with the sales pitch - more torque low down - excellent fitting panels and the electronics etc all work well. My &quot;summer&quot; ...
  • Re: Vespa GTS300 - Number Plate Holder

    &nbsp; &nbsp; The owner of the Vespa GT300 (Aaron PM) no doubt thinks his bike would look a little better by wearing something more imaginative than ugly. &nbsp;
  • Re: Vespa GTS300 - Number Plate Holder

    Aaron -&nbsp; (An old fashioned solution) - If it doesn&#39;t look so good put a bag over it ! &nbsp;
  • Re: Do we really need a licence

    Rod - I couldn&#39;t agree more.&nbsp; Training (habits) - A solution way beyond the comprehension of government &#39;interllectuals&#39;. How could such persons suffering from FRS (free ride syndrome) possibly grasp a notion like that anyway ? No&nbsp; -&nbsp; I&#39;m afraid we are stuck with ignorance ...............&nbsp;&nbsp; and more ...
  • Re: Where Next

    Ferrix - I agree - the service intervals are too short. Out of interest - How would scooter dealers go about offering &#39;fixed price&#39; services over say, 1,2, or 3 years. My partner recently bought a new Toyota Corolla - First service free - next&nbsp; 6 (yes six) services (10k or 1 year) for $140 each. Now I&#39;m not suggesting that two ...
  • Re: Where Next

    Rod - I think this raises the issue of viability. The fuel cost of running a scooter has never really been an issue in my opinion, but the overall running cost is. The two main things that hang in the minds of owners OR potential owner of scooters in my opinion is 1. servicing convernience / cost - 2. Depreciation . Also, when considering ...
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