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  • Re: TMax 530 for sale.

    Bump. Taking reasonable offers.
    Posted to Sell Your Scooter (Forum) by HB-Zip50 on 09-05-2017
  • Re: TMax 530 for sale.

    [quote user="Rod Fountain"] This is one decision i can see you regretting for a long time [/quote] Perhaps... and likely I'll get another one down the track. But at the moment I just can't justify keeping it if I can't ride it.   Thanks Pyrah. Thats the one for sure.   
    Posted to Sell Your Scooter (Forum) by HB-Zip50 on 02-12-2017
  • TMax 530 for sale.

    I've been delaying it for as long as I could but the time has now come..... my beloved TMax 530 is up for sale. Most of you will know just how good these scoots are..... so I won't waffle on about it's exceptional performance, handling and looks. Now for the minor details; Year: 2014 Kms: Just under 11,000km (just had scheduled ...
    Posted to Sell Your Scooter (Forum) by HB-Zip50 on 02-10-2017
  • Re: Honda Bobber

    [quote user="pyrah"]Honda CMX 500 here now at $8990 ride away in South Australia [/quote] Almost makes me want to go get my manual licence.   Looks great.  Once the TMax sells and I'm back commuting to work again this would definitely be on my list.  
  • Re: New Tmax for Europe

    Not sure what it is as i'm too lazy to find a pic of the previous one, but seems to have been smoothed out somewhat.   I feel mine looks a bit more jagged and sharper.    I'd love to see them increase the capacity so they are similar to the BMW's in terms of power too.  When I test rode the Sport BMW the ...
  • Re: still expensive

    [quote user="Rod Fountain"] You will have to come down out of those hills and embtrace the modern world of today  everything is Automatic these days [/quote] I just wish it was possible to have an automatic option on a variety of bikes.... like with cars, you order a manual or auto.    I would love the sound of a ...
  • Re: still expensive

    [quote user="jpfvita"] Hell zip if I could afford a Tmax an auto with that power and handling I think my bikes would rot.  [/quote] Ha ha the man with multiple bikes wishing he had more. ha ha.  I'll do you a good deal on mine.  Be good road trip back from WA to get used to it.
  • Re: still expensive

    This is always going to be the issue with scooters.  I don't ever see it changing until the attitudes of people change.   All the motorbike riders I know have said on more than one occasion that they would never ride an auto.   I've said to them I don't ride the TMax because it's auto, I ride the TMax ...
  • Re: BMW 2016 C650 GT & Sport test review and ride impressions

    [quote user="jpfvita"] Then which one would you choose GT, or sport.? Because  that's another head scratcher.  [/quote] No scratching needed.   I would be riding the sport, but thats because I only have a short commute in traffic with the occasional freeway or longer run.   If I was one of these ...
  • Re: Need a chuckle

    I knew it was coming...... still laughed.   
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