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  • Re: Accomodation query

    Cant help with accom - though I have friends in Grenfell and its a nice little place. I wont be attending the NSR as my wife booked flights, accom last October for a flower show in Melbourne. I was devastated when I realised a couple of weeks ago it was the NSR weekend. Life can be so cruel. I'm sure you'll have a great time. See you at ...
    Posted to Club and Ride Events (Forum) by gaje48a on 03-28-2017
  • Re: Hello 2017 Honda SH 150i

    I dont trust my GTS sidestand either! There used to be a lot of Ducatis found lying on their sides by owners of those models that had spring loaded sidestands. Two wheelers seemed to have survived fine for decades without spring loaded sidestands but the fear of litgation from a person crashing because they rode off with their sidestand down seems ...
  • Re: Bigger is not always better

    Ive been riding scooters for maybe 15 years. My Spacy 250 did 45000 km, my X7 with the 278 Vespa engine did 30000 km and my new mid blue 300 Vespa has done 10000 km in 12 months and all of these 250/300 scooters have served my needs almost ideally. My type of riding includes commuting, long distance highway touring (2 x 850 km days back to ...
  • Re: National Scooter Rally

    I had such a great time last year that I'm going again come hell or high water! I'll probably head down via Premer, Coolah, Dunedoo, Wellington etc and I did have some vague plan of coming back via the Geographical Centre of NSW (a place called 5 Ways, west of Tottenham). So at this stage, Yes.
    Posted to Club and Ride Events (Forum) by gaje48a on 01-30-2017
  • Re: National Scooter Rally

    Major, it was very nice to meet you. The PS Industry river cruise did look very tempting. Look forward to catching up with you for a beer in Griffith! I enjoyed your write-up of the rally and a bit envious of your trip overall. Its so great to be able to get away for a few days. For anyone interested I have written up my rally experience at ...
    Posted to Club and Ride Events (Forum) by gaje48a on 05-06-2016
  • Re: National Scooter Rally

    I thought the rally was a great success. I got there Fri arvo and while re-grouping at the servo on the Saturday ride-out to Lake Bonney, Major Bumsore (I think Ive got the right person?) spotted the Graeme Morris M/C number plate surround on my new Vespa GTS and asked if I was from Newcastle (Armidale actually) and that started a nice chat about ...
    Posted to Club and Ride Events (Forum) by gaje48a on 04-26-2016
  • Re: Out with the old, in with the Blue!

    Yep I had great fun. I could make out that I'm really tough and say I did do 8hrs in a day, but actually the reality was I stayed overnight with my brother in newcastle and rode home this morning, so the 8 hours was over 2 days (still technically 24 hrs though!)!  My closest piaggio dealer was in Tamworth but they ripped me off on the ...
  • Re: Scootering magazine web site revamp

    Ive got an iPad subscription to TwistnGo which I really enjoy. I assume its the sister magazine to Scootering(?). Particularly like the long distance scooter ride reports by Pete Henshaw. Anybody else read that mag?
  • Re: Out with the old, in with the Blue!

    Classy looking colour the blue. I'm taking a red demo 300 for a test ride tomorrow in Newcastle and hopefully they will have the blue one newly in stock too. My X7 and the GTS have the same motor so I'm looking forward to comparing the rest of the package. Really excited + also looking forward to the 4 hr ride down Thunderbolts Way to ...
  • Re: Out with the old, in with the Blue!

    I'm tossing up whether or not to buy a Vespa 300 to replace my X7 which has done 27K, but before I jump in the deep end, I'd like to be fairly certain that the Vespa suspension would be an improvement over what I currently have (Im a function over form kinda guy). I leave my engines stock and upgrade suspension etc instead. Ive done half ...
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