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  • Re: Scootering magazine web site revamp

    Ive got an iPad subscription to TwistnGo which I really enjoy. I assume its the sister magazine to Scootering(?). Particularly like the long distance scooter ride reports by Pete Henshaw. Anybody else read that mag?
  • Re: Out with the old, in with the Blue!

    Classy looking colour the blue. I&#39;m taking a red demo 300 for a test ride tomorrow in Newcastle and hopefully they will have the blue one newly in stock too. My X7 and the GTS have the same motor so I&#39;m looking forward to comparing the rest of the package. Really excited + also looking forward to the 4 hr ride down Thunderbolts Way to ...
  • Re: Out with the old, in with the Blue!

    I&#39;m tossing up whether or not to buy a Vespa 300 to replace my X7 which has done 27K, but before I jump in the deep end, I&#39;d like to be fairly certain that the Vespa suspension would be an improvement over what I currently have (Im a function over form kinda guy). I leave my engines stock and upgrade suspension etc instead. Ive done half ...
  • Re: Out with the old, in with the Blue!

    Nice choice Mike.&nbsp; I have a Piaggio X7 with the 300 motor (which I love) but I&#39;m considering changing from that to the 300 GTS because of the higher quality, additional features (improved instrumentation ie it has trip meters! &amp; a huge range of accessories + better ergonomics etc) and I believe the metal body would be a better long ...
  • Re: Piaggio X7 Evo cut out on road.

    Hi Daniel, My X7 now has 22K kms on the clock. If its a one off event dont worry too much, if this happens regularly then... Its not the sidestand cut-out switch because X7s dont have a sidestand. Its not the transmission belt and rollers either. The belt doesnt need replacing till 20K and the rollers only affect acceleration. It could be a ...
  • Re: Piaggio Beverly BV350

    I would consider replacing my X7 300 with something like this (or&nbsp;if I&#39;ve got enough patience) a Vespa 350.&nbsp;I&#39;d be interested in how you rated its suspension performance and pillion capability. If it handles anything like my X7 it would be a great ride. Pity its been hit so badly with the ugly stick.
    Posted to 250cc+ Reviews (Forum) by gaje48a on 03-20-2015
  • Re: Piaggio X7 thoughts

    Done 19000 on the X7 now and its coming up for a service which includes a belt change, etc. Virtually all of those kms have been&nbsp;commuting, though I have done a couple more day trips just recently. The first was to Inverell, Warialda, Bingara and back home. Not&nbsp;sure how far that was because the speedo conked out about 50kms into the ...
    Posted to 250cc+ Reviews (Forum) by gaje48a on 02-27-2015
  • Re: Info wanted on road condition,

    Thunderbolts Way has been fully tarred for many years and more and more people are using it instead of the New England Hwy. The road surface is generally OK though there are a couple of sections on the steep bits around Giro State Forest that are still under repair. Speed limits are quite variable on this section too. The road from Nowendoc, ...
    Posted to Club and Ride Events (Forum) by gaje48a on 02-10-2015
  • Re: Anyone out there with a Piaggio X7300 Evo??

    I also installed a pair of &quot;grip puppies&quot; that are foam sleeves that go over the original grips. These reduce vibration and increase the grip diameter so your hands are more comfortable. I have done one 300km trip with these and for me they are worth the money. They also reduce jarring around town which is where i find the x7s suspension ...
  • Re: Anyone out there with a Piaggio X7300 Evo??

    Ive had my x7 for 18000 kms and i found the front and rear suspension to be harsh. I removed the forks, added about 9 washers to each fork (from memory) to preload the fork springs and replaced the original fork oil with the same quantity of 5 weight fork oil. This has reduced the amount of sag ( i weigh 75kg) and made the fork work better through ...
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