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  • Re: Piaggio X7 evo questions

    My X7 has done 14500kms with a couple of niggly issues. Fuel economy though is good and you should have ridden about 270 - 300 kms when the fuel guage goes into the red zone. Thats about 27 to 30kms / litre. Thats for normal, steady riding. Mind you when you wind the wick up (highway travel on full throttle) it goes through the juice a lot ...
  • Re: Piaggio X7 thoughts

    I suppose it has something to do with comparing a high price 125 with a low price Quasar scooter. The S1 was slightly &#39;agricultural&#39;&nbsp; where the centre stand attached but the stuff you saw every day; instruments, switches &amp; fuel filler were very good quality. The S1 was probably better quality mainly in the &#39;fit and finish&#39; ...
    Posted to 250cc+ Reviews (Forum) by gaje48a on 09-13-2012
  • Piaggio X7 thoughts

    Last July I started an experiment to see if I could live with a 125cc scooter (my previous scoot was a 250cc Spacy). The experiment lasted all of 650 kms. I picked the Daelim S1 based on its features but was a bit concerned about the power of the 125 engine. I thought it wouldn&#39;t be too bad because of its 4 valve head. Anyway, even though I ...
    Posted to 250cc+ Reviews (Forum) by gaje48a on 09-12-2012
  • Re: Saddlebags on Honda PCX

    Hi, If you wanted to use saddlebags on a scooter, you can use cloth tape (gaffa tape) on the sidecovers to protect them. Sportbike type saddlebags are high enough not to melt on the exhaust and a lot of saddlebags these days have adjustable straps between the bags. I&#39;m not keen on saddlebags coz they sag and stick out too far. I use an ...
  • Re: Forum newbie

    There certainly are great scooters and I had some great adventures on mine. I&#39;ve heard some have lasted 100,000 miles. Not sure how. Maybe they checked the oil regularly.
  • Forum newbie

    Hi all, I&rsquo;ve been lurking on this forum for a while and this is my first post. I&rsquo;ve been riding motorcycles for over 30 years but the thing I love about scooters is their versatility. I&rsquo;ve had a 1988 250cc Honda Spacy (its name was obviously Kevin) for 7 years and last year I finally retired him after a trip to the ...
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