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  • Re: Engine warm-up Super 8 125

    [quote user=&quot;DaelimMonkey&quot;] Something I&#39;ve always wondered about is, should one use the &#39;Kill Switch&#39; or just use your key? [/quote]&nbsp; You know I got worried when buying my Super 8 because it only had a key and NO kill switch.&nbsp; All the training at the Pre Learner school talked about using the kill switch ...
    Posted to Ask An Expert (Forum) by radar on 01-13-2012
  • Engine warm-up Super 8 125

    &nbsp;Hi All New to scootering for the past 3 months.&nbsp; I was wondering what the protocol is for warming-up the scooter. I park with a lot of bikes at work and there are varying procedures that riders go through before moving off:- Some start and go [Brand new Yamaha 600 bike] other sit there and rev the guts out of the bloody thing [old ...
    Posted to Ask An Expert (Forum) by radar on 01-10-2012
  • RXT DUO TECH Helmet issue

    &nbsp;Hi All Does nyone know the agent for RXT helmets? &nbsp; I got one with my scooter and one of the press studs that keeps the inside padding in place keeps popping off! It&#39;s not dangerous but damn annoying. I hate going back to the dealer as they are all the way across town. Thought I would deal with the company directly but google ...
  • Technical Help

    &nbsp;If a lower rated fuse is used will the fuse get hotter than if the correct rated fuse is used? &nbsp; Thanks Jeff
  • Re: New to the forum and 1st post "Did I do the right thing

    Hi All Well I&#39;ve been riding the scooter around for 3 weeks now and am wondering why I haven&#39;t done this before.&nbsp; The ride to wotrk is a pleasure&nbsp;and takes half the time it used to as parking is a bit closer.&nbsp; I tried Premium 95 in the 2nd tank and i think I can see a difference.&nbsp; Had a bit of bothe on Friday whne the ...
  • Re: New to the forum and 1st post "Did I do the right thing

    &nbsp;One important thing I would like to know is!&nbsp; What sort of Petrol should I use E10, Unleaded or Premium Unleaded.&nbsp; I guess it will all be coverd in the manual but I am thinking of getting a fuel container for both the bike and also to use for the lawnmower. (I use Premium Unleaded for the mower). &nbsp; &nbsp;
  • Re: New to the forum and 1st post "Did I do the right thing

    [quote user=&quot;jonners&quot;] how come so many people start doing research AFTER they&#39;ve already bought something? [/quote]&nbsp; &nbsp;I always thought that&nbsp;when reading other forums,&nbsp; I just got worried that the Salesman had seen me coming,&nbsp; But the more I think of it it was my idea to have a good look at the ...
  • New to the forum and 1st post "Did I do the right thing

    &nbsp;Hi Went to my local Scooter dealer yesterday to put a deposit on a new Scooter the &quot;Mojo GTR 150&quot; I was checking the bikes on the lot while waiting for the sales rep and noticed a &quot;Kymco Super 8 125&quot; 300 km on the clock and first purchased in April 2011,&nbsp; The sales rep said the previous owner needed a bigger scooter ...
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