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  • Re: Hot Rod Scooter

    I,ve been playing with the Hot Rod today before i take it to the Curtin FM radio Car Show next Sunday (15th April) Added acouple of new stickers   (my brother made this one for me ) and made up a bracket and mounted a couple of old gauges i had lying around in the shed total cost of todays mods $0.oo     I ...
  • Re: Hot Rod Scooter

    I found my Moon Eyes sticker, so it goes faster     It goes even faster now.  So i go Drag Racing on it   I joined the RED BULL SCOOTER RACING TEAM     Xmas prezzies.... I got an accelerator pedal and a Rat Fink aerial topper. I had some pedal rubbers and an aerial and a mate had a piston   ...
  • Old scooter adverts

    Going through some old newspapers surferboy      
  • Re: Hot Rod Scooter

    (I'm going to figure out this posting replies soon ?) Tassles !!!   Thats what the boss at work suggested also.  Then i could stick a pop stick in the back wheel too. and a sparkly purple seat [:'(] I was thinking of the big chrome footprint accelerator pedals.  But then i can only get the right foot !? (and that ...
  • Re: Hot Rod Scooter

    Yep. EJ, EH Holden badge i had in the shed Had to gently bend it and drill holes in the front guard to fit. I might go searching to see what else is buried in the shed A mate gave me the V8 badge  
  • Re: Hot Rod Scooter

    Pulls the caravan almost as well as the old grey powered FC Holden I like that helmet  
  • Re: Hot Rod Scooter

    I needed to get the seat recovered and i had already removed the badges so nobody would know it was a Chinese scooter. So i spent $20 (I went all out and got fineline tape do get  the curves right) and used some cans of paint in the shed and decorated it over the weekend. Not planning to spend money on it BUT........ I could very easily ...
  • Hot Rod Scooter

    I Hot Rodded my scooter     Still have a little bit more to do (there's ALWAYS a little bit more to do) Find the  Moon Eyes  sticker i bought for it Lower it ???? More mirrors More lights etc   surferboy  
  • Re: Vmoto side panel removal ?

    I went to In City scooter shop in Vic Park and asked   Remove 6 screws     remove front panel. held on by plastic clips   remove 7th screw   Lift side panel to disengage plastic clips   and it's off Cleaned up all the oil looks like it's the oil pump I'll have to take it into ...
    Posted to Talk technical about scooters (Forum) by surferboy on 01-27-2016
  • Vmoto side panel removal ?

    How do I remove this side panel off my Vmoto Milan ? I need to find out where all this oil is coming from View from floor looking up to bottom of oil tank There's a slow leak. But it's got oil all over the righthand side of the engine. I found 3 srews and I'm guessing there's going to be some fragile plastic clips somewhere ...
    Posted to Talk technical about scooters (Forum) by surferboy on 01-02-2016
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