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  • Re: Honda Auto

    Are you interested in buying 1? If so PM me
  • Aprilia Sportcity 200 2005 model

    Ok  so now I have a Aprilia Sportcity 200 which I don't need due to upgrading to the SR MAX 300 and wondering if what is the collective forums idea on price if I was to sell it.  It has just over 22000kms on it, fair condition and a large screen.  The down side of it is  I had to  put a second hand motor due to the ...
  • Re: Fully Automatic CVT Transmission Motorcycles

    cf  moto  v5 :- my wife bought  one last November.  she  has  done  just over  8000kms on it  with  no  major  hassles.  It  handles  like a cruiser and  as  suchyou should be prepared  for that. In March we rode the Black Dog Ride to Batemans Bay and had a ...
  • Re: Upgraded

    The  Bev was just  out  of  my  financial  comfort  zone  so  I didn't  get to  test  it  still if  they  put the  350  in  the  Aprilia  SR Max  just think of the potential  
  • Re: Upgraded

    <iframe width="560" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>  here is a interesting video comparing trhe  Aprilia and the  Gilera.
  • Upgraded

     I have decided to  upgrade. The time was  right,  the  finances  was right so I have  upgraded. I have decided that  since I owned  a  Aprilia 200  Sportcity and was very  happy with it ( preformance wise, reliability, parts)  I  decided to  stick with the  ...
  • Re: Fully Automatic CVT Transmission Motorcycles

    Gilera DNA 180cc  2 stroke.  There  was  one  advertised  on Gumtree recently.  The "fuel tank" opens up to reveal a storage area.  I think it has the same mechanics as the Gilera Runner  180  
  • Re: Fully Automatic CVT Transmission Motorcycles

    My  wife has a V5  from  Nov 2014  she has  racked up  7000 kms on it  with  no  trouble.In March  we  did a  road trip out to  Dubbo  then up to Coonabanabran,  Tamworth, Dorrigo, Coffs Harbour, Taree  and  back  down to  home in Sydney  all  ...
  • Re: Hot off the Press

    $6290  ride away sems a bit  steep  for a 200 cc  scooter  especially  without  ABS  
  • Re: Getting a key cut / copy (Kymco)

    When  my wife and I  go  for  rides a good  distance from  home we  usually  put our  spare  keys  in  our  jacket pocket so in the  likely hood of  locking the  keys  under the  seat ( which i may add I have done and my  wife has  done as well ) ...
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