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  • Super cubs and Vespas from Vietnam: Any Interest?

    Hi, this is my first post (so bear with me !) I am expat Aussie living in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. I am a bike and scooter enthusiast , as you have to be in Vietnam! I was riding my old super cub last year and was surprised at the interest from Western Tourists in my bike. It got me thinking about...
  • [FOR SALE] Genuine Daelim S1 Service Manual

    Best Offer + Postage Genuine printed service manual for Daelim S1 ( Neo Forte, Otello Fi ) Excellent condition. PM me for any queries.
  • My First Scooter, Daelim S1

    I 've just got my Learners and this week I bought a new scooter, I ended up getting the Daelim S1. I read about it on here and elsewhere and almost everyone says good things about it, thanks for the advice guys. I thought I'd share some of the reasoning behind my decision. I had a budget of up...
  • Re: Daelim

    Some info here about the new S3 now hitting Europe: A successor to the S2, with the water cooled motor from the Roadwin bike, updated styling...
  • Wired for sound!

    Hey guys, it's late and my phone camera sucks, but I thought I'd post up some pics of my current project. I've mounted some mylar-cone speakers in custom enclosures and attached them to the mirror stalks on my Daelim. The enclosures were originally made for halogen lights. The speakers are...
    Posted to Talk technical about scooters (Forum) by eviladrian on 09-14-2010
  • Where did the year go?

    I can't believe that its already a quarter to November! It doesn't seem so long ago that I was writing my mid-year round up, and its nearly year end and I haven't got to the bigguns yet! Well, that will now have to wait till the year-end round up I think. So what's new at Ace? Well, sunshine...
    Posted to Ace Scooters (Weblog) by steve@ace on 10-20-2009
  • Fuel economy

    Hi All, Just curious, reading a few posts on here, it seems like there is not much of a fuel economy difference in scooters from 125cc to 300cc... is that everyone elses view? I ride a Daelim S1 125cc, and get approx 230ks per 8.5l... on the way home from work the other day I saw another scooter rider...
  • Daelim S-five - Engine SWAP (125-180 ccm)

    Hi. I had many problems with my scooter Daelim S-five (50ccm) - i mean that many times it just broke down.. Recently i came up with an idea that i could just change engines in the scooter. I don't know if it's possible and that's why i'm asking you about that.. Does anyone know the dimensions...
    Posted to Ask An Expert (Forum) by Maku on 08-25-2009
  • 2009 Mid Year round-up - winning products Part 2.

    Ok. Part 1 of our product review raised a few interesting points on the concepts of value and price, and I suspect that today's post won't be too different. In the words of the Fast Show, today we will be mainly looking at 125cc scooters. And gloves. Whilst the 125cc scooter is easily the most...
    Posted to Ace Scooters (Weblog) by steve@ace on 07-17-2009
  • Why do scooters bother having speedos?

    I'm relatively new to scooters and having a absolute blast riding my Daelim S1 as well as running in my wife's Aprilia SportCity One 125 - but why do manufacturers even bother with speedo's when they are so damn inaccurate? I mounted a TomTom GPS to the scooters and rode at a range of fixed...
    Posted to Talk technical about scooters (Forum) by 1SmileaD on 07-15-2009
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